Qırımtatar tili milliy korpusı

National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar Language

The largest electronic collection of texts in Crimean Tatar with extensive language research capabilities

Explore the Crimean Tatar language with us!

Just begin with searching for any word with the help of special software.

Practical usage

In lexicography , the language corpus is the basis for creating various dictionaries. The National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar language has all the necessary tools and is constantly expanding to cover the maximum scope of future development needs..

In education, the language corpus will be helpful for teachers and students to research the context and frequency of word usage and common collocations, as well as develop textbooks, study materials, and lessons. NCCTL will also be helpful in the training of future specialist lexicographers.

  • In the National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar language, you can:

    • explore the context of word use
    • find archaisms/neologisms
    • explore the most common and rarest collocations
    • to analyze the peculiarities of the language of a particular author
    • and much more
  • The National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar language is a powerful tool for developing Crimean Tatar lexicography. So, it can be used:

    • To find the most illustrative examples of word usage when creating explanatory dictionaries.
    • To analyze the usage of words in different eras when creating historical dictionaries.
    • For automatic language detection and processing by machine translation and spell-checking systems (e.g., Google Translate, LanguageTools, etc.) using N-grams, Keyword tools.


Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine
Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine
The EGAP Program
East Europe Foundation
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Astem Foundation
Q-hub Crimean project and educational platform